Doc Holiday says about JIM BOYD and Living for the Sunny Days “Probably one of the most prolific Song writers of our era and equally one of the best stage performers I have ever seen or had the pleasure to work with.  This project will go down as one of the most artistic projects me and my ‘A team’ have ever worked on!!!”

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First released in 1993 re-mastered  re-release in 2013

alterNatives , voted Record of the Year at the 2002 5th Annual Native American Music Awards.  Jim Boyd’s long-awaited release includes 12 new songs ranging from love themes to Indian issues.  The CD also includes a special appearance by Annie Humphrey in Boyd’s “I’ll Be There,” 

Thunderwolf Records 2001

UNITY  Boyd takes you on an uplifting journey with this recording.  Many of these songs are very motivational or spiritual and as many have said “just makes you feel good.”                                            Thunderwolf Records

RESERVATION BOUND was Jim Boyd’s first release.  It brings up many Native American issues from hardship to hope.  A great introduction to Boyd’s solo career.

Thunderwolf Records 1989

Blues to Bluegrass is Boyd’s eleventh release and a true Americana gem.  Boyd received the Artist of the Year for this project at the tenth annual NAMMYS.

Thunderwolf Records 2007

VOICES FROM THE LAKES is Boyd’s thirteenth release and filled with dedar flute and songs about Boyd’s Arrow Lakes People.  It includes the song We Are Sinixt that was a final NAMMY nomination for Song/Single of the Year.

Thunderwolf Records 2010


This concert was recorded live at Two Rivers Casino and Resort on the Spokane Indian Reservation on September 3, 2006.  You’ll be treated to fourteen of Boyd’s fold rock, blues, and rock genre compositions.  The Jim Boyd Band included Jim Boyd on Guitars and vocals, Alfonso Kolb on drums, and Eric Arnold on bass. 

Executive Producer: Two Rivers Casino and Resort

Thunderwolf Records 2006

Them Old Guitars is a ten song release that represents a homecoming for Boyd and includes many rock songs.  In addition to the multi-faceted talents of Boyd’s musical contributions, this recording includes Alfonso Kolb, Marty Meisner, Brad Greene, as well as some new faces rocking this release, in which Boyd received Songwriter of the Year at the 8th annual NAMMYS.

Thunderwolf Records 2005

GOING TO THE STICK GAMES is Boyd’s tribute to the traditional Stick Games.  This release fuses traditional Stick Game songs with music and lyrics from various Americana genres.  Boyd received Record of the Year at the 7th Annual NAMMYS for this release.

Thunderwolf Records 2004

Jim Boyd & Kyo-t, LIVE is an experience with Jim Boyd and his rockin’ band.  This is a live recording that took place on March 10, 2003 at the Met, in Spokane, Washington.  This recording won Best Pop/Rock Recording at the 6th Annual NAMMYS.

Thunderwolf Records 2003


Jim Boyd teams up with drummer friend Alfonso Kolb in this vibrant live performance.  This release features 15 songs consisting of some old favorites alongside new material at the time.  This was a live duo project.

Thunderwolf Records 2002

Harley High is a main stream rock recording that portrays Boyd’s love for riding motorcycles.  This release was recorded in Nashville, and co-produced by Doc Holiday with his A-Team.  There is a page on this site specifically for this recording.

Thunderwolf 2011

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FIRST COME, LAST SERVED is a great mix of folk, rock, and blues, thoughtfull lyrics, great guitar riffs, and strong vocals heard throughout.

Thunderwolf Records 1997

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Lifetime Achievement Award winner

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Jim Boyd performed in Switzerland end of January, see Switzerland page with the new single COLVILLE SWISS digital downloads now available.
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JIM BOYD////Bridge Creek Road

©2015 Jim Boyd BMI


1.  Gold of Life

2.  Crow Flies

3.  Hellraisers on Harleys

4.  Take Five

5.  Rock & Roll Biker

6.  Demons Closing In

7.  Live Life Lovin'

8.  Bridge Creek Road

9.  I Love You With Everything

10. Ruby's Bar

11. Darkness

12. Montenegro

13. Happy Harley Thoughts For The Day

14. Bricklayer Blues

All Songs written, recorded, produced, and mastered by Jim Boyd at Rez Recording for Thunderwolf Records.

Jim Boyd: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard, banjo, mandolin, harmonica.

Alfonzo Kolb: drums and background vocals on Rock & Roll Biker, Hellraisers on Harleys, and drums on Bricklayer Blues.

Monika Kozmik: Background vocals on Hellraisers on Harleys.

Eric Arnold: Bass guitar and background vocals on Hellraisers on Harleys.

Kurt Baumer: fiddles on Hellraisers on Harleys.

Cover photo by Justus Caudell, courtesy of the Tribal Tribune.

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